Forensic Accountant, The National Crime Agency

The work of the NCA entails unravelling complex, and often fraudulent, transactions, working with other legal and accountancy professionals to identify the real beneficial owners of property – and to deprive them of any assets financed through the proceeds of unlawful conduct. The NCA has the ability to recover such assets in civil proceedings, through the High Court, where it can be shown, on the balance of probabilities, that they were acquired through unlawful activities.

The National Crime Agency

Our role is to protect the public from the most serious threats by disrupting and bringing to justice those serious and organised criminals who present the highest risk to the UK. Economic crime poses a major, and growing, threat to the wellbeing of the UK and its people. The purpose of the Economic Crime Command is to reduce the impact of economic crime (including the financing of serious and organised crime) on UK society and the UK economy. The NCA seeks to provide a response to economic crime using the “4P” components of the Serious & Organised Crime Strategy:

Pursue those who commit serious, organised economic crime across regional, national and international borders, by exploiting all possible enforcement options.

Prevent people (including professionals who may be unwittingly used to enable crimes) becoming involved in serious, organised economic crime or re-offending by bringing together stakeholders to put in place a rante of effective barriers and deterrents.

Protect UK society and economy from serious, organised economic crime by reducing the vulnerability of individuals, businesses, economic infrastructure and systems.

Prepare the UK for serious, organised economic crime, raising awareness about its corrosive nature and reducing tolerance of its impact on individuals, businesses and communities.

The NCA have 4,200 officers based across the UK and in strategic locations around the world.

What unites and motivates us is our dedication and commitment to protecting the public from serious and organised crime. It is our privilege to do so. We are proud to protect.


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