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Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering (Gatekeeper)

Staff with any involvement in the process of on-boarding clients


10 hours (5 private study, 5 interactive webinars) spread over 6 weeks


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Gatekeeper Certificate

AML Training Academy Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering (Gatekeeper)

This award is aimed at staff who have any involvement in the process of on-boarding clients.

Gatekeepers play a vital role in protecting their firm from possible breaches and in protecting their Fee Earner’s/Case Handler’s time by dealing with obtaining ID from clients and assisting with on-going monitoring.

The Gatekeeper course ensures that each participant understands their duties and obligations under the new 2017 AML Regulations and the firm’s Policies & Procedures, and has the skills to carry out their role thoroughly and professionally.

The syllabus and learning outcomes of the Gatekeeper Certificate include:

  • An appreciation of the law relating to money laundering and terrorist financing, and data protection and how it has shaped their firm’s AML policies, controls and procedures.
  • An understanding of their firm’s AML framework including:
    • the written policies and procedures;
    • the role of the AML Board Member, MLRO, Compliance Team, Fee Earner/Case Handler, Accounts Staff and Gatekeeper and who is in what role;
    • their own role, the part they play in supporting other colleagues in the firm and how they in turn are supported by their colleagues.
  • The critical importance of recording everything AML related that is said, thought or done in respect of each Client/Matter they are responsible for.
  • A thorough understanding of the risks detailed in the firm’s risk assessment and the red flag indicators to look out for.
  • Ensuring that the 5 Steps to AML Compliance are properly carried out for every Client/Matter they are involved with on-boarding.
  • An understanding of PEPs, FATF and other High Risk Countries, the UK Sanctions regime and the importance of checking these as part of the 5 Steps.
  • Ensuring that all of their Client/Matters comply with the firm’s Policies & Procedures.
  • Knowing what to do if they identify unusual activity or if there is anything that does not feel right.

Assessment leading to award of Certificate

To maintain the value of the Gatekeeper Certificate each participant’s level of skills and knowledge will be assessed by one of our AML Coaches.

This assessment is in 2 parts:

  1. An online quiz designed to assess AML knowledge.
  2. The candidate working through several relevant scenarios that have been agreed in advance with your MLRO and Compliance Team and set up in the online Training Area using the dummy documents and materials supplied.

    During a one-to-one online assessment the candidate will talk the AML Coach through the risks/gaps that they identified and how they have dealt with them.

    The AML Coach will review and provide feedback on the steps taken and assess the candidate’s core AML knowledge and skills.

Our AML Coaches will work with every candidate who demonstrates commitment and effort to help them raise their knowledge and skills to the level required to obtain the Gatekeeper Certificate. If the required level is not demonstrated in the first Assessment a subsequent Assessment will be arranged. The AML Coach will work with the candidate to address the areas identified as needing attention.

At the same time as sending successful participants their Certificate the AML Coach will advise their MLRO that they have obtained their Gatekeeper Certificate.

What does it cost?

The course fee is £180 + VAT.

Fast Facts:

  • 10 hours (5 private study, 5 interactive webinars) spread over 6 weeks.
  • Maximum number of candidates on each course is 9 and minimum is 6.
  • Course dates are confirmed when 6 or more participants book places.
  • Includes training materials that can be used in the workplace.
  • Designed and delivered by experienced industry practitioners.
  • One-to-one Assessment leading to award of Certificate.

If you have a training requirement for 20 or more Gatekeepers why not contact us to discuss us tailoring the content of the Gatekeeper course to match the AML policies, controls and procedures you have in place?

All of the Gatekeeper course can be delivered online and is therefore available worldwide. If you would prefer the training be delivered face to face at your office/training venue please contact us to discuss this.



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