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Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering (MLRO)

Those who wish to become a subject matter expert in the AML Regulations

30 hours (12 private study, 7 interactive webinars, 8 Workshops, 3 leading in-house training session) over 12 weeks


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Money Laundering Reporting Officer Certificate

AML Training Academy Certificate in Anti-Money Laundering (MLRO)

This course is aimed at the AML Board Member, MLRO, Deputy MLRO and SMF Manager (“the MLRO Team”). Between them they are required to design, implement, enforce and continually review the firm’s AML policies, controls and procedures.

There are a number of other duties (e.g. submitting SARs to NCA, reporting to the Management Board) that are imposed on the MLRO.

JMLSG Guidance Part 1, s1.1:

“Senior management has a responsibility to ensure that the firm’s policies, controls and procedures are appropriately designed and implemented, and are effectively operated to reduce the risk of the firm being used in connection with money laundering or terrorist financing.”

The reality is that it is the MLRO Team, and often the MLRO solely, who will be held to account for any breaches of the AML Regulations (where ‘AML’ is used it is intended to include the AML/CTF/Sanctions related Regulations).

The purposes of the MLRO Certificate is to equip the MLRO/MLRO Team with the skills and knowledge to:

  • create/maintain a framework of policies, controls and procedures that comply with the Regulations and will protect your business from fraudsters and regulatory breaches;
  • minimise your ACT (Average Cost per Transaction) of complying with the AML Regulations;
  • protect your MLRO Team’s fee earning capacity and professional careers.

The contribution each Compliance Team member makes to maintaining the firm‘s Compliance record and reputation should not be under-valued. Nor should the time and commitment required to reach this standard of excellence.

The syllabus and learning outcomes of the Compliance Team Certificate include:

Become a subject matter expert in the AML Regulations and acquire an in-depth knowledge of everything covered in the syllabuses of each of the Gatekeeper, Accounts Staff and Fee Earner/Case Handler Certificates.

This level of knowledge and skills is essential if the Compliance Team member is to fulfil their role as a skilled and knowledgeable AML coach and adviser in which they will be required to:

  • Deliver effective and appropriate training and support to Gatekeepers, Accounts Staff and Fee Earners/Case Handlers.
  • Support the MLRO and Deputy MLRO by being 1st responders in all referrals from Gatekeepers, Accounts Staff and Fee Earners/Case Handlers.
  • Ensure that any issues that are flagged are resolved or explained before they run and save their AML reports.
  • Use the Risk reports available to them to check and evidence that all Client/Matters undertaken by everyone in the firm are fully Compliant with the AML Regulations and the firm’s policies, procedures and controls.
  • Agree a Personal Training Plan (“PTP”) with each member of staff that will support their efforts to acquire the skills, knowledge and expertise required to carry out their appointed role(s) effectively.
  • Maintain a record all training undertaken by staff to achieve the goals set in their PTP. Assess the impact on the training undertaken by how effectively they conduct themselves in their role.

Assessment leading to award of Certificate

To maintain the value of the Compliance Team Certificate each participant’s level of skills and knowledge will be assessed by a Lead Coach.

This assessment is in 3 parts:

  1. Several online quizzes designed to assess AML knowledge across a range of Topics.
  2. The candidate working through several relevant scenarios that have been agreed in advance with your MLRO and Compliance Team and set up in the online Training Area using the dummy documents and materials supplied.

    During a one-to-one online assessment the candidate will talk the AML Coach through the risks/gaps that they identified and they how have dealt with them.

    The AML Coach will review and provide feedback on the steps taken and assess the candidate’s core AML knowledge and skills.
  3. The candidate working through several relevant scenarios that have been agreed in advance with your MLRO and Compliance Team and set up in the online Training Area using the dummy documents and materials supplied.

The Lead Coach will work with every candidate who demonstrates commitment and effort to help them raise their knowledge and skills to the level required to obtain the Compliance Team Certificate. If the required level is not demonstrated in the first Assessment a subsequent Assessment will be arranged. The Lead Coach will work with the candidate to address the areas that were identified as needing attention.

At the same time as sending successful participants their Certificate the Lead Coach will advise their MLRO that they have obtained their Compliance Team Certificate.

What does it cost?

The course fee is £1,480 + VAT.

Fast Facts:

  • 50 hours (12 hours collaborative study, 7 x 1 hour interactive webinars, 3 x 6 hour Workshops, leading 3 x 1 hour in-house training sessions) spread over 6 months.
  • Maximum number of candidates on each course is 9 and minimum is 6.
  • Course dates are confirmed when 6 or more participants book places.
  • There will be a maximum of 10 participants at each Workshop.
  • The Compliance Team member’s lesson plan for each of the 3 in-house training session will be approved in advance by the MLRO, deputy MLRO and AML Board member. Each training session will be reviewed and it effectiveness assessed.
  • Includes training materials that can be used in the workplace.
  • Designed and delivered by experienced industry practitioners.
  • One-to-one Assessment leading to award of Certificate.

If you have a training requirement for a Compliance Team of 10 or more why not contact us to discuss us tailoring the content of the Compliance Team course to match the AML policies, controls and procedures you have in place?

Most of the Compliance Team course can be delivered online and is therefore available worldwide. If you would prefer the training be delivered face to face at your office/training venue please contact us to discuss this.



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