Sanction Lists Checker - now closed

The free Sanctions Checker is no longer available. Our solutions can help you with this however – see our AML Compliance Solution and bespoke AML Compliance Solution.

The GDPR has prompted us to re-consider and decide to close the free Sanctions Checker service we have been running for the past few years.

What checks? As part of your CDD processes regulated firms are required to check whether clients and people/entities you pay money to or receive money from are on the:

  • FATF list of Banned Countries
  • FATF list of High Risk or non-Co-operative countries
    (see: FATF web site)

These checks are something we have automated and built into the AML Compliance Solution. We monitor all of these Lists and keep them updated.

Our users value this facility because it saves them having to spend time obtaining electronic searches or checking the various web sites manually. It also protects them from acquiring a criminal record or Regulatory breaches.


We are particularly pleased to be an approved supplier with the Law Society of Scotland