AML Training Academy


Regular on-going Anti-Money Laundering training is a requirement of the Regulations but there are a number of other, arguably equally important, business reasons for investing in effective training:

  • A well trained, alert staff is your best defence against regulatory breaches but it will also protect the firm against fraudsters and cyber criminals.
  • Staff with better IT skills and AML knowledge spend less time on Anti-Money Laundering Compliance and do it better.
  • Fraudsters target firms who they identify as having holes in their Risk & Compliance defences. Present a strong front and fraudsters will move on to easier prey.

Investing in training will pay dividends on a number of fronts, not just the comfort of knowing you are complying with the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations.

Certificate and Assessment

The AML Training Academy is a leading provider of Anti-Money Laundering training and coaching. Our AML Coaches are amongst the best in the UK and are selected both for their experience in leading a Compliance Team and for their in-depth understanding of the practical application of the Regulations.

For novice and experienced practitioners alike a Certificate from the AML Training Academy is an achievement that will be recognised and valued within your firm and beyond.

Blended Training that works for everyone

To fit in with your staffs’ lives and to minimise disruption to your business most training is run online. The more intensive courses are a mixture of distance learning, self study, video, screen based tutorials, webinars and face to face Workshops.

We have developed a high quality and engaging suite of Anti-Money Laundering training programmes for:


Play a vital role in protecting the firm from possible breaches. They also protect their Fee Earner’s/Case Handler’s time by dealing with the on-Boarding of clients including verifying Standard ID.

Accounts Staff

Will process all payments flowing in and out of the firm. Alert to potential frauds and the need to comply with other regulations, they are the best people you could hope to have screening all payments/receipts authorised by the Fee Earners/Case Handlers.

Fee Earners/Case Handlers
The people in overall daily control of a Client/Matter. Other people may carry out work under their direction but the Fee Earner/Case Handler is the one who directs operations, understands the whole Client/Matter and is, therefore, the only person who can properly Risk Assess the Client/Matter.

Fee Earners/Case Handlers are key people who earn money for the firm. Their time and their career must be protected.

Compliance Team
Your Anti-Money Laundering champions whose role includes:
  • monitoring all regulated work done by everyone in the firm on a daily basis and recording evidence of this;
  • training and coaching staff and maintaining training records;
  • being 1st responder on AML referrals and queries. As well as being subject matter experts they also need the soft skills required of a trainer and coach. They protect the MLRO’s and Deputy MLRO’s time and support the Gatekeepers and Fee Earners/Case Handlers.
MLRO, Deputy MLRO & AML Board Member
Will be held to account for any breach of the AML/CTF Regulations, POCA and the Sanctions legislation, whether they are personally involved or not (others in Senior Management positions will not escape liability).

For an overview of the policies, controls and procedures a firm must establish and maintain see “The 8 Pillars of AML Compliance”.

Chapter 7 of JMLSG Guidance on Staff awareness, training and alertness

“One of the most important controls over the prevention and detection of money laundering is to have staff who are alert to the risks of money laundering/terrorist financing and well trained in the identification of unusual activities or transactions which may prove to be suspicious.

The effective application of even the best designed control systems can be quickly compromised if the staff applying the systems are not adequately trained. The effectiveness of the training will therefore be important to the success of the firm’s AML/CTF strategy.”


We are particularly pleased to be an approved supplier with the Law Society of Scotland