Bespoke & Integrated

Developing new facilities to bring an existing in-house Anti-Money Laundering Compliance system up to date with the 2017 Regulations or creating a new Cloud-based Anti-Money Laundering solution from scratch are both projects fraught with risk, delays and almost impossible to cost.

An alternative approach, if you are satisfied that the AML Compliance Solution, or a suitably tailored version of it, will meet your needs, is to integrate it into your office systems.

By creating data bridges that enable data to flow between the systems you minimise your costs and can be confident that you will have a working system within an agreed timescale.

We will work with your in-house IT or supplier to achieve a seamless integration with as many data bridges as you require.

If you are considering investing over £100,000 in time and money to extend an existing system it would be worth you pressing the pause button and having a look at the AML Compliance Solution.

If it does everything you require, you have an opportunity to deliver a successful project more quickly and within a much reduced budget.

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