Sanction Lists Checker

New registrations for the online Sanction Lists Checker are currently closed. If you would like to be informed about registration for this service please contact us using one of the methods shown at the bottom of this page.

[Please Note:This will not work in Internet Explorer 8 or earlier. We recommend installing and using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.]

As part of your CDD processes regulated firms are required to check whether clients and people/entities you pay money to or receive money from are on the:

  • FATF list of Banned Countries
  • FATF list of High Risk or non-Co-operative countries
    (see: FATF web site)

These checks are something we have automated and built into the AML Compliance Solution. We monitor all of these Lists and keep them updated. The last update from HMRC was dated:  

Our users value this facility because it saves them having to spend time obtaining electronic searches or checking the various web sites manually. It also protects them from acquiring a criminal record or Regulatory breaches.

The Sanction Lists Checker will email you a report on the Individual or Entity you enter showing whether or not there was a “Hit” on any of the lists. You should preserve this report as proof that you have carried out a Sanction Lists check.


PLEASE NOTE: The online Sanction Lists Checker will not work in Internet Explorer 8, or earlier versions, due to bugs in these versions. It does work in more recent versions of Internet Explorer (9 and 10). It will work best in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


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