Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
Software, Training and Audit Services

Welcome to the AML Hub run by Kirklands Business Solutions. We are enthusiastic professionals from the software and legal markets who have pooled our expertise to focus on protecting our clients (a growing network of regulated firms) from regulatory breaches and fraudsters.

Effecting cultural change across any organisation is a daunting challenge, but we thrive on it. There is nothing we like more than collaborating with like-minded people to transform their firm’s approach to Anti-Money Laundering Compliance and related risks.

We developed the AML Compliance Solution as an end-to-end solution for legal firms but, happily, we have found it will work for any regulated firm of any size.

Whether you are looking for a software solution, training or independent Anti-Money Laundering Audit services we can help and will be interested in hearing about what you want to achieve.

AML Risk and Compliance @ The Botanics - Edinburgh

We have assembled some of the UKs leading experts in AML Law and Fraud Prevention to help you identify the danger signs and how to deal with them.


Sanctions checker

Sanctions checker available in Instant Office.


Gatekeeper Certificate

Aimed at staff who have any involvement in the process of on-boarding clients.


Accounts Staff Certificate

Aimed at harnessing the talents of Accounts Staff to apply AML awareness and fraud prevention to all payments flowing in and out of the firm.



We are particularly pleased to be an approved supplier with the Law Society of Scotland