Key Features of the AML Compliance Solution

From start to finish of every piece of work with every client, the AML Compliance Solution provides you with the tools and skills to check, record, and monitor AML Compliance. It helps protect you and your firm enabling you to concentrate on generating income.

Securely upload client documents and personal information

Reduce the risk of clients' identity documents and personal information being intercepted and speed up your onboarding process with the encrypted, online Secure Room.
Your client uploads sensitive documents and completes onboarding forms in their own time. An automated alert tells you when they have finished and within minutes the information is available to your company professionals to complete customer due diligence checks.

Comprehensively check client information

The AML Compliance Solution automatically checks clients against EU and UK Sanctions Lists, High Risk Countries and Tax Havens, and Companies House data and documents. Additionally, ID and PEP can be verified via a fast, pay as you go link with Equifax. 
Photo of AML Solution Risk Assessment Form with two red flags

Risk Assess Clients and Transactions

Risk Assessment forms automatically display red flags for AML/CTF risks and enable your professionals to detail their mitigation action.  A red flag limit can be set by your firm to ensure immediate referral of the client or transaction to your Compliance Team for further assessment.

Master your monitoring

A traffic light system checks for material changes to the Client or transaction during ongoing work and alerts staff to additional risks. Utilise the Pre-Completion Review to confirm you can safely deal with transaction funds. Fee earners use the AML Dashboard to easily identify risk issues on their transactions that need attention.

Drive Reporting and the Quality of Compliance

The powerful AML Dashboard delivers monthly reports on the quality of your firm's AML compliance, flagging up matters that require review and action. Reports are easily downloaded and stored in your firm's Risk and Compliance folder, saving your MLRO and compliance team many hours work.

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The AML Compliance system is very well presented and easy to use. It is an essential tool now for a solicitors firm to comply with the anti-money laundering regulations.  The training is first class and a quality review AML Audit can be arranged to ensure that everybody is compliant and assistance is given to anybody who has any difficulties in complying.

Mark Carlin , Friels Solicitors Limited

Broadening your Compliance Powers

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Getting Started - AML Compliance Training

Comprehensive training of your Compliance Team by our experienced AML Coaches enables them to competently and confidently pass on your AML principals and procedures to all your firm’s software users.  Our goal is for everyone to feel comfortable and proficient in using the new system prior to 'going live'.
Photo of training session
Photo of AML  Manual

Improve performance - The AML Manual

Save your MLRO from the huge task of writing an AML manual from scratch (required by Regulation19). Our AML Compliance Software comes complete with a comprehensive AML Manual, in the form of a Help System, that is fully tailorable to match your firm’s Regulation 18 Risk Assessment. User-friendly, it describes all the Policies, Controls and Procedures needed for your firm to reach 100% AML Compliance and guides your staff at all stages of business.

Supporting your staff

Keep your staff up and running on the AML compliance software with free online and telephone access to our experienced and proactive IT support team.
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Anywhere - Anytime - Any device

Free yourself from the office and work from anywhere, at any time, accessing the cloud based AML Compliance Solution from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

For full details of the AML Compliance Solution see our complete Complete Package Information


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