The Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Solution Package

Included as standard in the AML Compliance Solution is everything you need to minimise the time spent on AML Compliance while ensuring 100% Compliance across all work done by your firm.

The software element is online and your firm and, if you choose, your clients can enjoy secure online access to the system on any device, at any place and time that suits them.

It is an end to end solution, in that it covers all AML related work done by the firm on all Client transactions over a number of years. Most systems only focus on the Onboarding ID checks, we cover every step in a client’s journey with you.

The AML Compliance Solution is a package of:

Specialist end to end AML Compliance Software

Our user-friendly AML Compliance software provides a secure digital framework that will ease your burden of complying with AML, CTF, POCA, Sanctions and related regulations and protect your firm and staff against regulatory breaches and fraudsters.

We have designed the system to make it easy for you to comply with the policies, controls and procedures the Regulations require firms to implement. We refer to these requirements as the “Seven Pillars of AML”.

  • Your MLRO will have spent several days preparing your firm’s Risk Assessment, as required by Regulation 18
  • The AML Manual within the Help system will save your MLRO several weeks work
  • We provide a secure area where the MLRO can keep the AML Manual up to date, record the reason for any change and e-publish the updated pages
  • Create Client/Transaction in AML Compliance Solution
  • Secure ML folder where all ML paperwork for every transaction is stored
  • IDentify every Client and Verify their identity. Capture documents or knowledge used to verify ID
  • Free and automated checks
           ✓ EU and UK Sanctions Lists (Every Client checked)
           ✓ High Risk countries and Tax Havens (All Clients and transactions screened)
           ✓ Import Companies House data and documents
  • Equifax ID and PEP check is integrated but optional
Secure Room speeds up onboarding and makes it more convenient for your clients
  • Client completes and uploads ID documents to Secure Room
  • Client completes and uploads your firm's onboarding forms, such as:
           ✓ Client Information form
           ✓ Source/Destination form
           ✓ PEP Declaration form

        Alternatively, if you opt to use smart versions of your firm's onboarding forms you can use the data your clients type into them to automatically update the data screens for each client
  • Where client does not have proof of address you post a letter to their home address and they upload a selfie of them holding your letter as proof of address.
  • Shaped by Firm's Risk Assessment
  • Red Flags any AML/CTF risks that are present
  • Prompts Fee Earner/Client Manager to record the action they took to mitigate the risk
  • Enforces mandatory escalation to the Compliance Team where the number of red flags identified exceeds your default level
  • New Matter - does it fit the Client's known profile?
  • RAF completed at Onboarding contains key information on which initial risk assessment based
  • Use Traffic Lights to check for material changes to Client or Matter during transaction
  • Complete Pre-Completion Review against RAF before you deal with funds
  • Fee Earners/case Handlers use the AML Dashboard to monitor their own compliance
  • Compliance Team members use it to monitor compliance across the firm
  • The MLRO uses it to produce the Regulatory Reports required by your Supervisory Authority and annual report to the Management Board
  • The Getting Started Training is included in the package
  • A folder to record the inhouse training you run
  • Your Compliance Team can use the Topics in Help as training material
  • Recent Training videos available in Help for in-house training
  • A place to store Personal training Plans for each member of staff
  • Monitor and record who has done what training
  • Assess effectiveness of training
  • Auditor's Mantra "If it is not recorded, it did not happen"
  • Forms and prompts encourage staff to create audit trail
  • Automated generation of logs on certain actions
  • Tools provided to screen for missing or incomplete documents or information
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Effective Getting Started training

Our standard package is that we train your Compliance Team in the AML knowledge and software skills needed to maintain compliance across your firm.They then train the rest of your staff.

The Getting Started training package we deliver has evolved over the years. It is a tried and tested format for getting your Compliance Team's knowledge and skills in using the software to a level where they are competent and confident in their ability to bring the rest of the firm onboard. Having trained the rest of the staff on their roles, your Compliance Team then monitor that the firm's AML Policies, Controls and Procedures are being implemented across all business done by the firm.

The Getting Started training includes:

  • Getting Started Workshop (choice of training venues for Scotland: Perth, Edinburgh or Glasgow)
  • Three review webinars spread over the four to six weeks following the Getting Started Workshop to help get you up and running

Who and how many should be in your Compliance Team?

If you have more than one hundred people in your firm you may already have a dedicated, full time Compliance Team. When we refer to a Compliance Team we mean something entirely different.

Your Compliance Team consists of your MLRO and depute(s) as well as the Support Staff selected to attend Getting Started training. They embed the system into your existing work processes, train the rest of your staff when you "Go Live" and thereafter monitor and maintain compliance across your firm.

We will help you build a Compliance Team who will protect the fee earning time of your MLRO and Deputy MLRO by forming a layer of skilled support staff between the staff and the MLRO.

As well as filtering out queries and tasks that do not need input from your MLRO, a key part of their role is to use the AML Dashboard to run regular checks across the firm and compile routine regulatory reports. These monitoring and reporting tasks take time but can be competently done by a more junior member of the Compliance Team.

Being a member of the Compliance Team would be an extra, for which the selected Support Staff would receive training, but they would continue in their main role. They would be encouraged to expand their software skills and AML knowledge.

Even in the smallest firm the Compliance Team will include:

  • the MLRO
  • the Deputy MLRO
  • for each ten members of staff, at least one of your most able and professional Support Staff
  • every branch office, no matter how small, must have a least one Support Staff member

We find that the firms who have more Support Staff in their Compliance Team end up with a more effective AML system that requires less input from Fee Earners / Client Managers.

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Assistance in managing the project through to "Going Live"

Effecting cultural change across any organisation can be a daunting challenge, but there is nothing we like more than collaborating with like-minded people to transform their firm's approach to AML Compliance and related risks.

We have an experienced team of six with the skills and knowledge required to support your firm through the process of embedding a culture of Compliance into your existing working processes and procedures.

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FREE online and Telephone Software Support

Online and telepone support for using the AML Compliance software is FREE to users who have completed the training programme. This relates only to the use of our software and not you PC, Network or any other software or hardware installed or run on it.

As part of this free support we will give guidance on how best to use the software to ensure compliance. Guidance on how to deal with a specific AML situation should be provided by your Compliance Team or by requesting input via the Café.

If you would like your Compliance Team to have access to expert confidential AML advice to help resolve those tricky AML situations that arise from time to time, please contact our lead coach, Graham Gibson, to discuss the level of support you would like to have in place.

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Continuous development of our software and training in line with current legislation, case law and Best Practice

Most firms think of Compliance as including a broad range of regulatory risk (ML/TF,POCA, Financial Sanctions, Tax Evasion, Bribery, Data Protection, professional rule, etc) and treat these regulatory risks as an extension to existing business risks.

This holistic approach to business risks reflects our own view. To better protect the firms we serve and the people using our software we monitor changes in regulatory risk, including legislation, case law and developments in best practice, and adapt our software and training to meet these ever changing risks.

This continuously evolving protection is one of the benefits of your subscription. You have the comfort of knowing that we are actively monitoring the change in regulatory risk and thinking of ways in which we can help protect your firm, its owners and your staff.

Occasionally, we develop an entirely new module. This would not be included in your subscription but would be made available for a modest additional sum.

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AML Training (over and above what is included in the package)

The Getting Started Training is included in the package. If you would like us to design and deliver further training, please speak with us.

Regular on-going AML training is a requirement of the Regulations but there are a number of other, arguably equally important, business reasons for investing in effective training:

  • A well trained,alert staff is your best defence against regulatory breaches but it will also protect the firm against fraudsters and cyber criminals
  • Staff with better AML skills and knowledge spend less time on AML Compliance, do it better and need less support from your Compliance Team.

We design and deliver role specific training for all staff who have any involvement in regulated work. Some staff have limited involvement and it may be that online awareness training is all that they require. Others, such as those handling transactions, your Compliance Team and MLRO require a wider, more in depth, spectrum of training. We can help you with all of this.

We offer a record keeping service that evidences completed training, one of the first things an AML Auditor will look for. Auditors expect to see one record per member of staff that evidences training undertaken and assesses their competence to carry out their role effectively.

If you would like to commission us to fulfill all or part of your AML training obligations we will be pleased to agree a package that meets your needs, is affordable and is delivered in a way that minimises disruption to your business. (Back to top)

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To discuss AML Compliance Solution options further call Graham Gibson on +44(0) 1738 500764 or contact us. 


We are particularly pleased to be an approved supplier with the Law Society of Scotland