Gain insight and perspective into your firm's AML Compliance

Discover how well your firm is meeting current AML regulations and enhance your protection from criminals and fraudsters.

Ensure you pass regulatory inspections.

Our industry trained AML Hub experts are on hand to guide you through an appraisal process detailing what you do well and where your firm needs to improve. We work collaboratively with you and your firm to develop practical and implementable solutions to AML Compliance challenges. 

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AML Independent Audit


Money Laundering Regulations 2017 require your firm to carry out an independent audit if its size and nature of business make this appropriate. To make a decision, it is important to consider the outcome of your firm-wide risk assessment and analyse your business profile as well as the services you offer. Our knowledgeable AML Hub experts can provide free initial advice to help you decide.

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AML Quality Review

Build your confidence in the quality of your firm's AML Compliance with a thorough review of all your anti-money laundering policies, controls and procedures. Our AML Hub experts can focus on a particular area of concern or complete a comprehensive assessment of your current protection. We give you a clear picture of where you are, what you are doing well and areas for improvement. Recommendations for development or change help you get the balance right between AML protection and business efficiency.
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Both our Audit and Reviews provide useful and practical insights to improve the quality of your firm's AML/CTF compliance. We thoroughly examine your firm's policies, and test controls and procedures; interview key staff; provide informal feedback and priority actions; and produce a report with clear recommendations.

We bring the distance and perspective needed to give you confidence in your compliance approach.

What others say...

For the first time, we had our policies and procedures analysed by an expert. We were able to find out about what we were doing well, and gain comfort from that, but also received confirmation and guidance on what we could do better. The process, whilst involving a lot of work from the AML Team and requiring the commitment of a significant number of fee-earners, is well worth it. We highly recommend Graham as an auditor.

Director of Risk and Compliance , International Legal Firm's UK Office


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